Effective immediately, the KHTK, KNCI, KYMX and KZZO Promotions Department is temporarily closed for prize pick up until further notice to limit the spread of COVID-19. Please check back to this page and keep tuning into KHTK, KNCI, KYMX, and KZZO for further updates, and follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Unless otherwise indicated below, NOW 100.5’s general contest rules apply to NOW 100.5 contests. For the specific terms and conditions applicable to a particular NOW 100.5 contest, please see below. You can also view NOW 100.5’s General Contest Rules HERE.

B&J MS KZZO Disneyland 3.20 Contest Rules (CURRENT)

WEB Sacramento Cluster Esquire IMAX Theatre 12.26 Contest Rules (CURRENT)

HB5 KZZO Girl Scout Cookies 3.13 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

WEEKEND KZZO Snoop Dogg 3.18 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

B&J MS Lizzo 3.06 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

HB5 KZZO RuPauls Drag Race 3.06 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

HB5 KZZO DWTS 2.27 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

Web KZZO GS Cookies 2.27 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

HB5 KZZO PINK 2.21 Contest Rules (EXPIRED)

HELLA CASH Contest Rules. 1.23- 3.10 (EXPIRED)