‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Brother Found Guilty In The Murder Of Deandre Adams

Troy Seales, the older brother of Teen Mom star Bariki Smith, has been found guilty of the 2017 shooting death of Deandre Adams.

By austind03 on April 10, 2018
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Troy Seales, the older brother of Teen Mom star Bariki Smith, is about to do a lot of prison time…

According to Radar Online, a jury found the 30-year-old guilty of the 2017 murder of Deandre Adams.

Adams was shot multiple times while driving his car in Oakland, CA on August 25th, 2017. Although he made it to Highland Hospital, he died later the same day, as reported by the East Bay Times.

Outside of the muder charge, Seales was also facing two counts of great bodily injury and one count of shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

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Bariki Smith took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the verdict, saying:

“In this trial literally everything bad has happened from horrible lawyer representation to jurors (who decided whether he was guilty or not), falling asleep in mid trial. I know my older brother and I know he is an amazing, loving, kind-hearted person no matter what background he has… TROY SEALES wouldn’t hurt a fly, he would literally give the clothes off of his back if need be.”


Seales, a nine-time felon, will receive his sentence on May 4th, 2o18 at 9am.

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