Taylor Swift And Liam Payne Top The List Of The Most Influential People On Twitter Of 2018

Taylor Swift clearly ruled 2018 on the charts, on the road and social media!

By bonneville on November 30, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images For dcp)

Taylor Swift and Liam Payne are wrapping up the year with being named The Most Influential People On Twitter of 2018! BrandWatch, a social media monitoring company put out two lists of the most influential men and women on Twitter. You might be wondering how and why these two celebrities topped of the list, here’s how. They used an algorithm to assign everyone an “influencer score” based on their social media engagement according to E!. Taylor Swift score is 98, which is the highest of everybody on either list. Liam Payne is second with a score of 97. Others who received a high score on the list include Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

Here are the 10 most influential men on Twitter:

1.  Liam Payne, Score: 97, Followers: 33 Million

2.  Donald Trump, Score: 96, Followers: 56 Million

3.  Justin Bieber, Score: 95, Followers: 105 Million

4.  Barack Obama, Score: 95, Followers: 103 Million

5.  Cristiano Ronaldo, Score: 95, Followers: 76 Million

6.  Niall Horan, Score: 95, Followers: 40 Million

7.  Bruno Mars, Score: 94, Followers: 43 Million

8.  Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, Score: 94, Followers: 36 Million

9.  David Guetta, Score: 94, Followers: 22 Million

10.  Indian musician A.R. Rahman, Score: 94, Followers: 21 Million

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Here are the 10 most influential women on Twitter:

1.  Taylor Swift, Score: 98, Followers: 84 Million

2.  Katy Perry, Score: 96, Followers: 108 Million

3.  Kim Kardashian, Score: 96, Followers: 59 Million

4.  Demi Lovato, Score: 96, Followers: 57 Million

5.  Ellen DeGeneres, Score: 95, Followers: 77 Million

6.  Selena Gomez, Score: 95, Followers: 57 Million

7.  Shakira, Score: 95, Followers: 51 Million

8.  Jennifer Lopez, Score: 95, Followers: 44 Million

9.  Rihanna, Score: 94, Followers: 89 Million

10.  Lady Gaga, Score: 94, Followers: 78 Million

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