Target Being Sued By Shoplifter for $10 Million

It doesn’t pay to steal. Or does it?

By kmvq on November 10, 2017
CHICAGO - MAY 23: Shopping carts sit inside a Target store on May 23, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. Today, Target Corp. reported an 18 per cent increase in their first-quarter profit, beating analysts' expectations.
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A Texas man is suing Target for up to $10 million after he claims he was tackled and attacked by a store employee in July 2016, KETK TV reports.

Kelton Arthur claims he was tackled by Lubbock-area Target employee Christopher O’Dell.

A police report said Arthur stole merchandise and was attempting to get away.

“Arthur attempted to flee,” the report said. “O’Dell placed his hands on Arthur in order to prevent him from leaving when Arthur bit O’Dell on the arm. O’Dell placed Arthur on the ground to control Arthur. Arthur attempted to gouge O’Dell’s eyes out.”

However, the lawsuit says that O’Dell approached Arthur and knocked him to the ground, causing injury.

It further adds that O’Dell then attacked Arthur while Arthur was lying on the ground.

According to the KETK report, O’Dell said Arthur was trying to steal a vacuum and that his jujitsu skills might have saved his life and prevented injuries to other people.

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