Study Finds Dirtiest Spot In An Airport, And It’s 1,475x Worse Than Your Toilet Seat

By Cody Briana on February 1, 2018
(Photo By: Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images)

STOP. I hate studies like this, but I can’t help but look! I need to know what to avoid. (I know, weird) recently tested 6 surfaces for germs inside 3 major U.S. airports and airline flights, measuring bacteria and fungal cells per square inch, or colony-forming units (CFU).

So what’s the dirtiest spot? They found the self check-in kiosks are germiest with 253,857 CFU. Even worse, a kiosk at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta was recorded at 1 million+ CFU! Airline gate bench armrests come in 2nd with 21,630 CFU, and the water fountain button trails closely behind with 19,181 CFU. Ugh!

Basically, the areas the airport probably doesn’t think to clean are the grossest. It makes sense why the kiosks would be the worst, considering we use our fingers. You have people sitting, sleeping, eating, and God only know what else at the gate benches. Good luck NOT getting sick the next time you fly!

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