Stockton Pit Bull Saves Baby From House Fire

By Cody Briana on June 12, 2018
(Photo By: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Who’s a good boy? THIS guy! Well, girl. A mother in Stockton says her 8-month-old pit bull is a “hero” for saving her and her baby’s lives last week when a fire broke out in a neighboring apartment, Sac Bee reports. The puppy’s name is Sasha and is said to have a special bond with 7-month-oldĀ Masailah.

The pup was outside a little before midnight when she felt the heat and smelled smoke. Her instincts told her they were in danger. So she alerted Nana, the mom, by barking and pounding at the back door. When Nana finally let her in, she rushed upstairs. When mom made it up the stairs, she witnessed the dog pulling Masailah out of bed by the diaper in an attempt to save her. And yes, they got out of their safe!

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