Starbucks Announce No Seating in Stores And Goes ‘to-go’ Due To Coronavirus

By bonneville on March 16, 2020
(Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)

As a loyal customer to Starbucks, I stop in before work on a daily base for a cold brew coffee and hearing about these temporary changes due to recent events, things are going to be a little different moving forward.

Here’s what happening: Starbucks has already stopped the use of reusable cups in their stores due to the possible spread of the coronavirus and now, the CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson has made an announcement that most Starbucks locations will shift to a “to go” model for at least two weeks to encourage social distancing. While customers can still walk up to the counter and order, there will be no seating in stores. They also may temporarily close stores in high-social gathering locations, such as malls and university campuses according to a news release. See more below!

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