Selena Gomez Teases New Horror Movie In Bathtub [VIDEO]

Selena Gomez is appearing in a new movie, this one will be a horror movie, and in the teaser trailer she appears in a bathtub with a face.

By nowproducerdave on June 21, 2018
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Well, Selena Gomez does appear in movies as part of everything else she does. She has quite a few credits, and several movie appearances. She’s starring in a new short film, and this one is a horror flick. It’s directed by Petra Collins, and it looks very interesting for sure.

The tease video for the movie shows Selena Gomez in the bathtub. She remains covered by the water, and has a “friend” in the tub with her. That “friend” is actually a face. Like, a person’s face. She’s seen looking into the eyes of the face, and the face appears on her back at some point? It’s sort of confusing, but cerainly gets the whole “horror movie” idea across. Here’s the clip we’re talking about:

Also at some point, she can be seen with an eyeball in her mouth as well? It really doesn’t make much sense to us, and leaves so many questions. Why the eyeball? Why the face? The movie is called “A Love Story,” though it’s clearly on the horror side of the spectrum. In another picture shared, Selena is shown being held and “petted” but some sort of person/creature with hands/fingers for a face. SO I guess that answers one question anyway? Here’s that shot:

It’s creepy, it’s interesting, and I definitely want to see it. Selena has many different “personalities,” as in she can fill many different shoes, so I’m sure she’ll nail the performance. Whatever that performance may be? Whatever the case, check out some more info here.

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