Selena Gomez And Her Mom Are Having A Falling Out [PIC]

We found a little more info about Selena Gomez and her mother going to the hospital, and it looks like they’re having a pretty serious fight.

By nowproducerdave on December 20, 2017
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We told you yesterday that Selena Gomez’s mother was sent to the hospital after having an argument involving Justin Bieber, but that may not be the whole story. Come to find out that Selena Gomez and her mom have been having a bit of a rough relationship recently, and actually might be feuding in a quite serious way. They even unfollowed each other on Instagram, which these days is just a simple tap on a screen, but the fact that mother and daughter are fighting so badly they actually don’t want to see pictures of eachother points to some serious feuding.

Back to this whole “taken to the hospital” thing. Her mother WAS taken to a hospital after a fight with Selena, but it’s not just because of Justin Bieber after all. A source close to the family says that Mandy, Selena’s mom, “made the decision herself to go to the hospital and make sure everything was okay.” We’re not sure what might not have been “okay,” but hopefully it’s nothing like a heart attack or anything like that. But Monday was also an emotional day for Mandy in the first place – it was on that day in 2011 she lost a baby to miscarriage. She posted a picture in which she was pregnant with that baby, named Scarlett, and another one of Selena as a baby. Someone pointed out as well that Selena has been completely silent about that event.

Thank you to all the fans who honored our Scarlett yesterday. Dec 17th will never be the same, but we decide to celebrate her by writing her letters on red balloons and releasing them. Now the 17th is intertwined with the wrap of S2. So, she was there in spirit as always. A moms love for their children is pretty fierce. In order of my girls, Selena, Scarlett and Gracie. Family is what matters, blood or not, #family13 made me smile and feel loved when so needed and they didn’t know. Then, I came home to Brian and Gracie to send our love to Scarlett. Fans, I want you to know you are family because I have a huge family and you are the only ones who remember! XO forever. Thank you to the people who respected my post and sent love to Scarlett. I’m sorry I had to take them down. I am disturbed at the words being posted on this from people who can even find an oppt to be vile about a Lost baby. You don’t like me, don’t spend time on me. Unfollow so, no one has to read such hate.

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Clearly there’s some stress happening in the family, and we hope everything gets worked out – we hate to see families torn apart.


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