Why Selena Gomez Is Jealous Of Camila Cabello

Taylor Swift is taking Camila Cabello on tour with her, and Selena Gomez is a little upset about it. Get all the details here.

By nowproducerdave on March 15, 2018
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Long version short, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are really good friends. Like, besties. Camila Cabello is going on tour with Taylor this summer. Selena might be a little jealous of Camila because of that fact.

As we told you several days ago, Camila Cabello is going on tour with Taylor Swift and Charli XCX. Everyone involved with the tour is excited. Taylor even has a nickname for Camila already, and Charli XCX says that the tour is going to feel like a big slumber party between friends. We’re not going to lie, Taylor is an amazing artist, Camila is kicking some serious butt recently, and Charli is just an amazingly talented singer – it’s going to be a fantastic show for sure.

But it sounds like Selena Gomez is feeling a little jealous of Camila and Charli. See, Selena and Taylor go way back, and she wants in on the fun too. Now, Selena is a hugely popular artist in her own right, and her going on tour with Taylor (in our opinion) would be a massive show that would probably get a ton of fans to attend. But it might be too big. Two huge acts touring the country – that would be an expensive concert, and probably end up having to be a couple nights in each town instead of just one. Maybe we’re over-estimating that, but hey, they sell tickets, don’t they? Anway, Selena wants in on the fun, but isn’t going on the tour. Bummer.

BUT, Selena does say this – well, a source who knows Selena Gomez anyway: “Selena is so happy for Camilla and Taylor, she love them both and knows they’re going to have the best time on tour together… But there’s a part of her that’s envious too. Taylor’s her best friend and she can’t help but wish she was going on tour with her. But more than anything Selena is just happy for Camilla, she knows how much this means to her, it’s so huge.” So that’s nice. It truly sounds more like Selena is just a little bummed rather than jealous. Who writes these headlines anyway? Ahem.

Also, it does sound like Selena and Taylor may have had a little falling out too, since Taylor wasn’t exactly thrilled that Selena got back together with Justin Bieber. But maybe since the two of them have broken up “allegedly,” the two can get back into more friendly terms, if they haven’t already. Check out some more here.

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