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Selena Gomez To Play Halftime 2019?

There were some rumors floating around that Selena Gomez will play the halftime show next year, but how realistic is it really?

The internet is a tricky place. A Selena Gomez fansite started a rumor, and they were a little too convincing. They said that the NFL has already asked Selena Gomez to play the halftime show for next year’s game, and there’s even a setlist AND concept artwork. Those rumors got fans of Selena Gomez excited, and now there’s an actual petition going around online to make it happen.

Here’s the thing though – Selena does have halftime experience. No, not Super Bowl, but back in 2013, she played the Thanksgiving Halftime show for Dallas vs. Oakland. Texas is her home state where she was born, so it’s fitting she played there for a big game like that one. She had the appearance, dance, and performance to work with it, and she would probably be a good show at the Big Game.

BUT, she just finished handling some of her health issues, including treatment for depression, and she’s said in the past that she’s trying to work on a new album (2015’s “Revival” was her last), AND she’s also allegedly going to take it easy this year and spend time out of the spotlight.

Do you think Selena would be a good fit for the big halftime show? Who would you rather see? Here’s some more info on the rumors.


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