See The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dessert In Every State Here

THE biggest eating day of the year is next Thursday and we’re SO ready for Thanksgiving! See the most popular Thanksgiving dessert in every state below!

By bonneville on November 18, 2019
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

With this kind of info, you could create the perfect Thanksgiving dessert menu for your family and friends! House Method reported this year’s most popular Turkey Day sweets were based on Google searches in each state.

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Apple pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, and cheesecake are some of the most popular desserts on Turkey Day. Not a surprise, pecan pie was the most searched dessert in six states, including Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Both brownies and pumpkin pie lead the way in most states, both tied for 15 in all. The most popular Thanksgiving dessert in California is pumpkin pie! Check it out below!

       Picture courtesy of House Method

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