The ‘Scream’ House Is Officially Hosting A Sleepover, And You’re Invited!

Scream fans can attend a party and sleepover at the original house from the end of the first movie.

By NathanG on July 26, 2018
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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Fans of the 1996 horror film Scream have the chance to experience the opportunity of a lifetime: a party and sleepover at the original house from the end of the movie. Orchestrated by die-hard Scream fans, Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon, “Scream Comes Home” was Kickstarted to be its own one-of-a-kind screening event. In the video for the project on Kickstarter, Ragon explained that staying at the scream house and holding a party was one of his biggest personal goals. He then reached out to the owners of the home in Tomales, California and they agreed!

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According to Delish, fans who wish to participate in this event can purchase tickets and see all the famous scenes and house locations from the movie. These include the infamous kitchen (complete with original 1996 microwave), and staircase that Billy (Skeet Ulrich) crashed down in the film. Additionally, Roger Jackson, the original voice of Ghostface, will be attending the event as a special guest as well. Jackson will reportedly be making spooky personal calls to guests who have purchased special tickets, to make the experience all the more memorable and terrifying. Lastly, VIP guests have the opportunity to try and get some sleep in the beds in the guest room upstairs.

This extra spooky Halloween event will take place the weekend of October 27-28, with an exclusive, limited-space VIP experience on the 26th. For more information, including pictures of the spooky Scream house and the opportunity to purchase tickets, click here.

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