School System Hires Collection Agency To Go After Unpaid Lunches

One school system has such a large problem with students not paying for their school lunch that they’ve actually hired debt collectors to go after the families.

By nowproducerdave on December 7, 2018
(Photo by Jana Birchum/Getty Images)

Debt collectors – they hired debt collectors to go after students and their families. I know, you’re probably thinking “how much student debt for lunches could there even be?” $45,859 – that’s how much.

In Cranston, RI, the school system has had enough. Students have been running up debts on the school-provided lunches. When a student doesn’t have cash available, or if money in their lunch account is gone, they’re still allowed to eat. They receive the provided “meal” only, but without extra items like chips, dessert, etc. The balance continues to go negative on the students’ lunch accounts to be paid back later, but they get their meal. Problem is, the negative balances are just continuing to grow – they’re not being paid. And the school system wants it handled.

Cranston Schools have hired a collection agency to go after the funds. There are debt collectors coming after the families of the students to repay what’s owed. The same thing as if you have a loan on something, or a credit card, etc. Obviously some families are angry about this, since some families are in situations where they just can’t afford it. But, there are still programs available for those families, and some students seem to just be taking advantage of the lunch account leniency. So far this school year, the total owed is $45,859. In 2016, the total was up to $95,508. That’s a lot of unpaid food. See some more information on the story here.

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