Crazy Chairlift Throws Off Riders After Losing Control [VIDEO]

A chairlift at a Georgia ski resort recently went full-nightmare mode, reversing down the mountain at full speed while throwing riders onto the ground

By austind03 on March 16, 2018
Scary Chairlift Accident, Crazy Chairlift Video, Nightmare Chairlift
(Photo by Simon Bruty/Getty Images)

To all those who have gone skiing before, you may think of the chairlift as peaceful way to get to the top of the mountain. However, this out of control chairlift will definitely make you hesitate before getting on another one…

According to Deadspin, the lift at a Georgia ski resort recently went full-nightmare mode. Instead of carrying riders to the top, the lift began reversing at a fast speed.

As seats slammed into a pile next to a crowd of people, the lift began throwing riders to the ground. At least 8 people were left inured following the malfunction, but luckily no one died in the accident.

While it’s unclear what lead to this break down, hopefully the resort is able to stop this from happening again.

Watch the craziness for yourself below. However, just know the videos are quite terrifying and might not be safe for work.

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