Ring And Amazon Are Getting Sued Due To Hacking Problems

By bonneville on December 27, 2019
(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

“How come I feel like somebodies watching me…” is what customers of the Ring by Amazon are saying and they have had a enough! 

According to TMZ, Ring by Amazon are being sued because customers feel the companies were negligent by not providing “robust” security to fend off hackers. 

John Baker, the plaintiff, claims someone hacked into his security camera last July, talking to his kids while playing, encouraging them to get closer to the camera.

As if  that wasn’t scary enough, there’s a video of a hacker talking to a little girl in her bedroom claiming to be Santa Claus!

There have been 6 other hacks according to the lawsuit and Ring and Amazon refuse to take any responsibility.

Should Ring and Amazon be responsible for the hacks? 





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