Recap Your 2018 With Instagram’s Best 9 Moments [PIC]

Look back at your best moments you shared over the year on Instagram with this NEW tool/app!

By bonneville on December 28, 2018
Photo by Vicki Oh!

Wrap up 2018 with Instagram’s “Best 9/Top 9” moments! Top Nine, is a tool/app that will generate a collage featuring your most-liked posts of the year and add up how many likes you garnered over the course of 2018. It’s a fun way to look back at your year on Instagram of travel, events, and time with friends and family. The service comes in both a desktop version and an app version. It took me only a few minutes to do my Instagram page, according to Top Nine, my most popular moments of 2018 was getting engaged and work-related moments. Check it below!

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                  Picture by Vicki Oh!

Cool right! How’s how you can make one too, head to the Top Nine website or app, enter your Instagram handle. Then, it’ll take a few minutes for it to generate your top IG moments. You can save your collage from the site or email it to yourself! Happy New 2019, hope next year brings you more IG worthy moments!

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