Post Malone Tricked By Magician At UK Music Festival

Watch Post Malone participate in nail biting magic trick!

By bonneville on August 26, 2019
(Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images)

Ever been fooled by a magic trick? So has Post Malone, you’re not alone!

TMZ caught footage of artist Post Malone speechless after a nail biting Russian Roulette trick involving a fish hook and four strings.

Post Malone performed at the Reading Festival in the UK over the weekend when illusionist Ryan Tricks captivated Posty in his trick which could have done serious damage to the point of sending Tricks to the hospital. Despite the danger to Tricks, Malone still went along for the ride.

The trick:

Ryan took a fish hook and four pieces of string appearing to be “tied” onto the hook and put it in his mouth. However, in reality, only one string was actually attached to the bottom of the hook. Tricks then told Post Malone that he would be able to influence him into pulling the three strings that weren’t knotted down. 

Post took the gamble and his reaction was priceless with every string he yanked out. His manager, Dre London, tied the illusion up and pulled the final string with force. And to Ryan’s luck: it was the right one! 

How did Tricks do it? We’re debating on whether it is a planned illusion or just pure luck.

Regardless, Post Malone was fooled and Ryan had us on the edge of our seat during the entire performance!

Watch the full video HERE!

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