Police Department Adopt, Swear-In Cat [VIDEO]

A police department adopted a cat, swore her in, and have named her Pawfficer Donut – I’m not kidding.

By nowproducerdave on May 14, 2018
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Troy, Michigan’s police department just adopted a new, cute kitty. It’s a girl, and she’s their newest office of the “paw.” Groan. I can’t claim that pun.

The ceremony actually happened. Judges Nielsen and McGinnis asked the cat to raise her right paw and everything. The cat’s name is Donut (groan), and she even got her own badge during the ceremony. Yes, police Chief Gary Mayer was there too to witness the event. Pawfficer Donut’s duty will lay in the animal community. She will tour the town and raise awareness for shelter pets and adoptions/rescues. She’s also going to have social media channels, too.

The whole things started earlier in March when the police department announced a challenge. They said that they would get a cat if their Twitter page got over 10,000 followers by April. The plan worked, they surpassed that goal several weeks early. “This campaign has helped us connect with thousands of people, not only here in Troy and the Metro Detroit area, but we’ve had people from around the world contact us to do news articles on us,” police Chief Mayer says, adding “We are using social media to engage the public that we serve and to get the message out that police are human, too, and we want to show we have a side of us that is beyond law enforcement.” Check out some more info on Pawfficer Donut (and pictures) here.

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