Pink Nailed The National Anthem Despite Having The Flu [VIDEO]

Pink sang the National Anthem at the game yesterday despite suffering from the flu, and yes, she had to spit out a cough drop right before.

By nowproducerdave on February 5, 2018
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The super-talented Pink was given the honor to sing the National Anthem at the game yesterday, and she did it all while having the flu.

Pink says that she has been suffering from the flu, and said on saturday during a rehearsal that she was “trying to practice the flu away.” She also revealed that she’s wanted to sing pre-game since she saw Whitney Houston do it in 1991:

Trying to practice the flu away. I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991 when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song. And now, my chance has finally come. And it just so happens that this chance comes when I have two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear! And here we are. I’ve arrived at another one of my dreams which is slowly becoming a sort of nightmare. I will tell you, this is one of the biggest honors of my life, singing this song in front of my family, my military family, my dad and brother and step mama and family and the world. And the EAGLES!?!?! I promise I will do my best, as I always do. As far as the gremlins that got me into this mess, you can cough at me for the rest of your lives. If it’s a contest, babies, you win. #spreadthelove #spreadthegerms #pleasegivememyvoiceback #ificansingimgonnakillit

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Some people were criticizing her for “spitting out gum” before singing. Others were quick to defend her though, saying that she’s been sick and that it was probably a cough drop. She said herself on Twitter after the fact. Maybe she forgot she had it before starting singing, maybe the cameras weren’t supposed to show her that soon, maybe she was just keeping it for as long as possible. No big deal really, it just happened to be in front of millions of people when she spit it into her hands and tossed it down. People were also criticizing her, just because:

Here’s the video of her performance, which, despite having the flu, she did a pretty knock-out job, don’t you think? We could see her coming back to do it again!

Straight from her own Twitter feed:

So there you go. She spit out a cough drop, trying to sooth her throat before singing the National Anthem at “The Big Game” WHILE suffering from the flu. Take that, Twitter troll!

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