People Saying Justin Bieber Got Really ‘Excited’ Playing Soccer

People are saying this picture of Justin Bieber standing shirtless on a soccer field shows another part of him standing, but we’re not totally convinced.

By kmvq on November 8, 2017
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

This picture has been making the rounds online. It’s a picture that shows Justin Bieber playing soccer. The reason it’s circulating is because people are saying it shows Bieber excited about playing soccer. Like, excited.

Check out the picture here.

Ok, let’s be totally honest. Bieber is standing, shirtless, on a soccer field wearing loose-fitting gym shorts. Those shorts typically have wrinkles in the fabric because they fit loosely. But, that’s not stopping people from saying he’s got a “problem” going on in the picture. What do you think? Can you see it?


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