People Are Naming Children After IKEA Products

People have been naming their kids after various products from IKEA, so we did some research to find out exactly what products are being used.

By nowproducerdave on April 5, 2018
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People are starting to name their children after various IKEA products. Not “Table” or “Chair,” but they’re using names like “Malm” and “Klippan.”

Baby names are an ever-evolving series of trends. Names from “olden times” (like Charlotte, Margaret, or Eugene) have been coming back recently as re-current popular names, and there are also some unique names (like Apple or Gravity) popular in Hollywood. But IKEA product names? People really are starting to name their kids after IKEA products. The name “Malm” is for a bed frame. Insert obvious joke of the bed frame that the parents… Nevermind. “Klippan” is a couch, and other names like “Tobias” (chair), and “Ingo” (table) are also being used. Let’s break down the list – this will be fun (click the name for the product page):

Malm – This is a bed frame (really the name of a bedroom set)
Tarva – another bedroom set
Stefan – dining table/chairs
Ivar – shelving and storage
Tobias – more dining tables/chairs
Stig – this is a bar stool
Franklin – this is a foldable bar stool
Ingo – a table and chairs
Fredde – computer/office desk (and also a phone charger)
Sommar – various home decor and other accessories
Norna – this is a wicker armchair
Cilla – your choice of three colors of chair pad
Malinda – also a chair pad, but in 4 colors
Elly – a 4-pack of dish towels
Henrika – basically a pillowcase
Johanne – bedding accessories
Mata – a childrens’ dinner set (cup, plate, etc)
Mydal – a bunkbed!

Ok, obviously people aren’t naming their kids after these things, but picking the names probably because they like the way it sounds, something like that. Do you think that people should pick more “conventional” names, or that a name should have some kind of special meaning (like a grandfather’s name, or family name)? What do you think about people naming their kids using product series names from IKEA? Check out the story here for some more info.

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