People Are ‘Hooking Up’ In These Airports For The Holidays

Where people come together, people will meet – and where people meet, romance will start – and busy airports for the holidays are no exception.

By nowproducerdave on December 20, 2017
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Zero questions about it, the end of the year have two of the biggest holidays of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas), and those two are the busiest times for travelling. While travelling with so many other people, it’s highly likely that people will meet other people in lines, coffee shops, next to them on the plane – anywhere. Dating app Match has done the research to find out just how many of these people are actually “hooking up” at airports, how common it happens, and in which airports it happens most frequently.

Some notable facts:
Sacramento did not make the list, but San Francisco did.
We’re not terribly surprised that Las Vegas made the list, but we honestly thought it’d be higher up.
Atlanta is among the busiest airports in the world, it’s really no surprise that they’re number 2.
Charlotte Douglas Airport made the list, from Producer David’s hometown. He doesn’t have any “hookup” stories in the salacious sense (nor does he know where people would “hookup” in that airport, he’s very familiar with it and there aren’t many “hiding spots”), but he did meet a woman in that airport (Summer 2014) who lives here in Sacramento, and who he ended up being roommates with for about 5 weeks when he first moved out here from Charlotte (Summer 2015). Small world, right?

Here are the top-15 airports for “holiday hookups:”
01) Chicago O’Hare
02) Atlanta
03) Los Angeles
04) Denver
05) Dallas/Fort Worth
06) Phoenix
07) Newark
08) Orlando
09) San Francisco
10) Boston
11) New York LaGuardia
12) Houston Bush
13) Las Vegas
14) Seattle
15) Charlotte

Do you have any airport hookup stories? Maybe you saw someone hooking up, or perhaps walked in on a couple in a bathroom, something like that? Or maybe you and your spouse found a nice quiet corner somewhere and gave it a shot?


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