People Getting Neck Filler To Reverse Damage From Looking At Phones

Another cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity due to cell phone use, and it involves getting filler injections directly into the neck.

By nowproducerdave on August 3, 2018
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Look – it’s the 21st century. We all have phones, and that includes the 8-year-old girls I see in line at Starbucks. It’s a way of life now, it’s just how it is. Even those of us who make fun of everyone else for being on their phones are guilty of being on our phones. On average, it’s said that people are checking their phones at least once every 12 minutes.

Constantly looking down at the devices wreaks havoc on our neck. Both structurally, and aesthetically. Some people are actually noticing that not only are their necks sore, but the skin on their neck is actually starting to wrinkle up. When we turn our heads down, the skin bunches up and folds over. But there’s a fix, and plastic surgeons are starting to see more people coming in to have it done.

The fix is simply to get fillers. The doctor will fill the “deep lines” around the neck, which also stimulates collagen production. One doctor says that he’s seen mostly “millennial” aged women so far coming in for treatment. The treatment lasts a year, and requires two injections. One when you first come in for the injection, and another after 30 days. Check out some more info here.

Obviously we should try to work on our posture, whether we’re on phones or computers. Keep your back straight, head up, and look down with your eyes. The more you “bend” your neck and upper back forward, the more pain you’ll have anyway. The more your head tilts down, the higher the likelihood you’ll develop wrinkles.

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