People Are Surveyed About Where They Watch Netflix, The Results Are Astonishing

20% of people admitted to crying while watching Netflix in public.

By kmvq on November 15, 2017
The Netflix logo is pictured during a Netflix event on March 1, 2017 in Berlin. / AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL
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Netflix has been extremely popular among movie and TV enthusiasts and is often the basis of pop culture facts and jokes. It’s become even more convenient now that we can stream the service on our smart phones and tablets.

We can take Netflix anywhere now!

Quartz did a survey of 37,000 adults around the world and found some pretty interesting results, such as 7% of people admit to streaming movies or TV shows while in a public restroom.

Here are some other results, some may seem shocking:

  • The most popular places to watch Netflix outside the home are on buses, planes, and the commute.
  • 26% of people say they’ve streamed movies or TV shows while at work.
  • 20% of people admitted to crying while watching Netflix in public.
  • 17% say they’ve missed their stop while commuting because they were distracted by a movie or TV show.
  • 45% of people watching Netflix outside their homes have caught someone sneakily watching along with them.
  • 11% say they’ve had a TV show or movie spoiled by someone watching it in public.
  • 27% of people say a stranger has interrupted their Netflix viewing to talk about what they’re watching.
  • And finally, only 18% admit they’re embarrassed about watching Netflix in public.

Have you done any of these?

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