Oreo Announces Winning Flavor Of ‘My Oreo Creation’ Contest

By austind03 on August 9, 2018
Cherry Cola Oreos, My Oreo Creation, Kettle Corn Oreos, Piña Colada Thins
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Three fan-created Oreo flavors battled it out to be the winner of the “My Oreo Creation” contest. While Piña Colada Thins, Kettle Corn Oreos, and Cherry Cola Oreos all came close, do you know who won?

According to Delish, after tallying the votes (and there were a lot!), Cherry Cola came out on top! And while that’s good for Oreo fans, it’s even better for flavor creator Eden F.

As the person who submitted the winning flavor, Eden is now $500,000 richer! Although Cherry Cola wasn’t her first flavor submission, it was the most meaningful to her. She explained to Delish:

“I started to think about sweet sodas and popsicles and fresh fruit. All of those sweet juicy flavors like orange, grape, lime, and cherry. I was trying to capture flavors that reminded me of happy summers when I was a kid in the late ’70s and ’80s.”

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She also thinks the Oreo tastes exactly how she imagined it would!

However, while you can still buy the Cherry Cola Oreos right now, they won’t be on shelves forever. The company revealed that “only time will tell” if the flavor becomes a permanent addition to the Oreo line-up.

Head right here to learn more. Also, let us know in the comments if you’re happy with this new flavor!

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