One Year After Camp Fire, Paradise Holding Moment of Pause Today

The city of Paradise is holding a commemorative event on Friday, November 8, one year after the devastating Camp Fire destroyed the town.

By NathanG on November 8, 2019
(Photo by Philip Pacheco/Getty Images)

The city of Paradise is holding a moment of pause and silence today, one year after the devastating Camp Fire.

According to Good Day Sacramento, city official are requesting that people pause for 85 seconds beginning at 11:08 am, one second for every life that was lost to the fire. The city is holding a selection of commemorative events on November 8, a year after the terrifying fire ripped through the town of Paradise and prompted mass evacuations. Despite the tragedies the town has faced, the people have pushed through, with Paradise Mayor Jody Jones applauding their resilience. She expressed her hope that Friday’s events will help the community “celebrate the progress we’ve made and look to the future and what we can become.”

Within the last year, over 3.66 million tons of debris has reportedly been removed from the city. Additionally, nine homes have been rebuilt so far, with the town on track to issue 500 building permits by the end of the year. “Right after the fire people were saying it would be three years before anything was rebuilt. I think we’ve proved them wrong,” Jones explained. “We’re a very resilient, independent, strong community. I always knew that and people have proved that to be true.”

To read more about the commemorative events, click here.

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