Nick Jonas Remembers Being Bullied With Mark S. Allen [PIC]

Nick Jonas had a massive 2017, but his success today didn’t come without some bullying when he was a kid – he talked about it with Mark.

By nowproducerdave on January 8, 2018
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Nick Jonas had a big year in 2017. He starred in a TV show and a movie (Jumanji), and also wrote a couple songs for another movie called Ferdinand. He was part of a super successful pop group, and got his start on the Disney Channel. But as he revealed to Mark this morning, it wasn’t always easy for him. He recalls a time when, before he was the Nick Jonas we know today, when he was bullied for his passion in theater. He told the story about when he was growing up, his passion for performance arts including broadway, and how that made him stand out a little bit from his peers. Listen to that below:

He claims it was more “teasing” than “bullying,” but really, teasing is just the start. He kept going through it though, since he just knew who he was and what he wanted in life, and now look at him. He’s got a very successful career, he’s still very young and has just that much more time to get even bigger, and he’s well on his way up after this past year’s success on the screen and in the studio. Jumanji was one of the biggest movies of 2017, and the other movie, Ferdinand, which he wrote the song “Home” for is successful in its own right.

Let’s talk about his date to the Golden Globes though. No, he didn’t bring Demi Moore, although the two of them are rumored to be dating. His date instead was … his brother, Joe. How cool!

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