New ‘Roseanne’ Gets Premiere Date And Tease Trailer [VIDEO]

The new reboot ‘Roseanne’ got a solid premiere date, and they’ve released a new teaser trailer for the show as well. Get the details.

By nowproducerdave on December 20, 2017
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

This past summer, news broke that “Roseanne” was coming back for a revival, with the original cast, and we’ve been in the dark ever since then. A couple weeks ago the date dropped, or at least a timeframe, but now we know exactly when, where, and have our first glimpse into the show.

March 27th, 2018 is the date, and that’s really, if you think about it, just a few months away. Pretty close! As far as a glimpse into the show, well, there’s a trailer that was released, and we’ve got it right here:

Ok, so truthfully we were hoping for a little more than just a shot of the living room with the “same laugh” that we know from the original show, but still, it’s a little bit more proof that something is happening.

One of the big questions though is how John Goodman’s character is even here. If you know what happened in the final episode of the original series, you’re probably asking the same question, but if you need to catch up on that, read the article here (spoiler alert from 1997). There’s also a picture or two from the set of the new show, so they’ve clearly been filming already.

Excited for the show? Don’t care? It’ll probably be worth a watch. It’s back for just nine episodes, so it’ll go pretty quick. No word on future episodes, but “Fuller House” has been running for 3 seasons, and I thought that was supposed to just be a single-season reboot as well, right?

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