Netflix To Release “Fyre Festival” Documentary Next Month [TRAILER]

Netflix has announced that it will be releasing an original documentary on the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival that left concert-goers stranded.

By NathanG on December 10, 2018
(Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images for Netflix )

Netflix has announced that it will be releasing a documentary next month on the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival.

According to Variety, the documentary will showcase the public failure and collapse of the musical event. Billy McFarland, the organizer of the event, will also be showcased, along with the events that led to his six-year prison sentence. 

Fyre is reportedly being directed by Chris Smith, who also directed Netflix’s 2017 documentary, Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond. According to the announcement for the documentary, the film “gives a first-hand look into the disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.”

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Described as a “luxury concert” the Fyre Festival was marketed as having high class food and accommodations, and big-name musical performances. Instead, concert-goers found themselves stuck on a small island in the Bahamas, with tent cities and boxed sandwiches and no music artists. No direction or organization was visible, and people struggled to find flights that would take them back to the mainland.

The fiasco led to McFarland being charged and convicted of fraud in October, and sentenced to six years in prison. A production professional for the event was quoted as saying that Fyre Festival was “incompetence on an almost inconceivable scale.” The documentary is set to release on January 18.

Will you be checking out this film when it drops next month?

To read more about the upcoming documentary and the Fyre Festival, click here.

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