When You Name Your Daughter Reese Because You Love Candy…

A family is so obsessed with Reese’s Cups candy, that they decided to name their daughter Reese E. Cupp for a lifetime of torment.

By nowproducerdave on May 25, 2018

The family’s last name is “Cupp.” Ah, yeah, you just figured out where this is going. Yes, they named their daughter Reese E. Cupp, because “It’s our favorite candy for sure.” Poor kid.

The Cupps actually came up with the name about 8 years ago when their daughter was born. They say that there was a toss-up between that or Lily, and obviously the chocolate-influenced one won. The dad says he was made fun of growing up because of how his name was spelled. I’m not sure why other kids would make fun of that, it’s not like “Cupp” is super weird or anything. But nevertheless, the family decided they were going to “take the humor and run with it.” While “Cupp” probably won’t get you made fun of, I’m sure being named “Reese E. Cupp” will – not going to lie. We think she’ll go by “Eve” when she gets a bit older.

Reese’s (the actual candy) has a pretty huge following though, with people who have tattoos and the works. There’s a contest that’s open at the moment too to win a year’s supply and a grand prize of $10k (not associated with us at all). People are submitting pictures to demonstrate who is the biggest fan of the candy. There are some pretty good candidates, and my personal favorite is the Reese’s dispenser:

We think the Cupps have a pretty good chance of winning, since the only thing less permanent than a name is a tattoo. Oh, speaking of tattoo:

So yeah. Whatever your opinion on the name, there it is, and hopefully they win. Just something they can add to the legacy of the Cupp family. Check out some more info on the name, and other Reese’s facts here.

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