In-N-Out Sends Pun-Filled Cease And Desist To San Francisco Brewery [PIC]

A brewery got a hilarious, pun-filled cease and desist letter from In-N-Out burger after using the logo for one of their beers.

By nowproducerdave on August 15, 2018
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for John Varvatos)

If you spend any time on this website reading through our articles, you can probably pick my stories out of the bunch. I love a good pun, and try to use them whenever I can. This In-N-Out cease and desist letter has a special place in my heart.

So here’s the background of the story. A brewery in San Francisco created a beer they call “In-N-Stout.” Funny enough, right? It’s a stout, and they made it an In-N-Out style logo, the palm trees, arch, typeface – the whole works. It’s hilarious to see, but obviously looks just like something the burger chain would produce. See, In-N-Out has a sense of humor though. Of course they wanted to let the brewery know they can’t use their logo style for their beer, but they did it with a hilarious, pun-filled letter. Here’s an image of that letter:

We count 9. Can you find them all?

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That’s a whole lot of pun fun there. They counted nine puns, from things like “We hope you appreciate, however, that we are attempting to clearly distill our rights by crafting an amicable approach with you, rather than barrel through this,” to “…and we look forward to resolving this in good spirits.” This is the way copyright cases should go. Like, “hey, you can’t do that, but rather than yell and sue you, we’re going to let you know we saw it, with humor, but you still can’t do it.” Get it? Still? Hah, puns. The brewery has done this before too, making a “Swedish Fish” beer, as well as a “Big Lots” beer, all using logo design from those brands. There’s more on the story here, go check it out.

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