Missed Flight Due To Service Dog Giving Birth [PICS]

A woman had to miss her flight when her service dog unexpectedly went into labor in the airport, delivering 8 puppies in front of everyone.

By nowproducerdave on May 29, 2018
(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Missed flights happen for a lot of reasons. Our connecting flight was late, there was a mix-up when they assigned the gate number, or our alarm didn’t go off. This is a whole new excuse for a missed flight though – “my service dog was giving birth.” The dog, Eleanor Rigby (Ellie) was all set to board the plane. She and her owner were at the airport, and sitting at the gate getting ready to board. That’s when it happened.

Ellie was going into labor right there in the terminal. I would have assumed that a very pregnant dog wouldn’t be on-duty as a service dog, but I’m just not sure how all that works. Anyway, the event generated a lot of attention. The airport’s firefighters responded to lend a helping hand. Here’s a funny bit though, the airport fire team, “Tampa Fire & Rescue’s Aircraft Rescue Firefighters” is called ARFF for short. ARFF helped Ellie deliver all 8 of her pups – 7 boys and one girl pupper. The father of the litter is named Nugget, and he’s also a service dog. He was there at the time, and was very clearly proud.

Here’s Nugget:

Though if I’m thinking about it, if your service dog in about to go into labor and deliver some puppies – what better place to do it than in an airport? I mean, emergency crews are already right there ready to jump in. Check out some more info on the story here. Good thing they weren’t already on the flight, I wonder if that would prompt an emergency landing?

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