Millennials Want Apps To Teach Them About ‘Adulting’

A company has found that millennials want apps to help them “adult,” but is that really a good idea, or should they learn by trying instead?

By nowproducerdave on August 17, 2018
(Photo by Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images)

I know I know, “another story about millennials?” Look, the millennial age contains me, a lot of you reading this, and even people close to the age of 40. There’s no question that millennials are the “connected” generation, having been raised during the internet boom, and even being born into a family already using the internet.

So it’s no surprise that a lot of what we learned came from online sources. Google has answers to all questions, especially when friendly internet users are willing to share their life experience. YouTube is a great “how-to” source of information for when you want a visual to go with a description. Millennials want apps to help them with things. Phones are in our hands more that in our pockets these days, there’s no helping that any more. So why not have easy access to info as you need it?

This look into adulting apps was conducted by a legal services provider who found that millennials need advice on how to deal with legal documents. We’re going to expand on that quite a bit though. Legal processes used to be a little more simple, but now there are so many extra addendums and modifications to things. There are situational laws, etc. But more than just legal services, millennials need things to work with them easily. Perhaps a step-by-step cooking how-to app? There are already a lot of apps out there that make life easier. You can get a ride, you can find parking, there are safety apps.

But again, to expand, do you really learn anything from apps or how-to articles? Or do you find yourself referencing the article every time you need to do that thing? Are apps the answer, or should people learn the same way our parents did – by trying and discovering? Think about it – can you find your way to that one spot you went with some friends that time, but without GPS? Do apps make things easier, or do they let people go on autopilot without having to think about anything?

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