Man Robs Bank For Taylor Swift

A guy who robbed a bank for Taylor Swift was disappointed to learn that the police didn’t think that was the best way to prove his love.

By nowproducerdave on April 10, 2018
(Photo courtesy of FBI/Newsmakers)

This is cute, in a weird, illegal, scary kind of way (not cute at all). A guy robbed a bank for Taylor Swift. No, she didn’t ask him to, he did it in effort to impress her. Wacko.

The man walked into a bank and told the teller there to give him cash. He never showed a weapon, but the bank teller handed over some money, and off the man went. He drove to Taylor Swift’s place in Connecticut, and, according to the report, he threw some of the money over her fence. But wait – he tried to “contact” her on the way over there, but apparently she “wasn’t home.” The man also stated that he planned on donating more of the stolen money to the police department in the area – the one who arrested him.

He was arrested after confessing all of these things. He said that he has a crush on Taylor, and that he wanted to impress her. I don’t know about you, but if you’re trying to win me over, I wouldn’t recommend robbing a bank, coming to my house unsolicited, throwing stolen money over my fence, and then trying to donate stolen money to the police. That’s probably not gonna do it. Second-degree robbery, and fourth-degree larceny were the charges, and the guy’s probably getting a few free sessions with a psychiatrist while he waits in his new home for a little while. See some more details here.

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