‘Live PD’ May Return To Television

By Doug Lazy on July 8, 2020
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for A&E Networks)

Dan Abrams is the host of ‘Live PD’ and he’s giving fans of the show hope that it might be returning!

OneCountry.com says that ‘Live PD’ was canceled recently in the midst of protests against police brutality. The show COPS was also canceled. While there are no currents plans to bring back the show COPS, a fan asked Dan about the possibility of ‘Live PD’ coming back on Twitter and he said:

I think A&E is doing what they said in their initial announcement, determining if there’s a “pathway” forward. I hope so and think with some changes it could be an important part of the national discussion. (In the meantime, I’ll have some other non-livepd show news tomorrow)

Are you a fan of ‘Live PD’? Do you hope it makes a comeback?

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