Lindsay Lohan Working With Legal Agency Again…

This week on ‘Brilliantly Ironic Marketing,’ Lindsay Lohan just scored a sweet gig as the new spokesperson for a website that offers legal advice.

By nowproducerdave on March 21, 2018
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Daily Mail)

Though she isn’t in trouble again, for once. Lindsay Lohan was just hired as the spokesperson for a website that gives legal advice and representation. Seriously, what’s more ironic than that?

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The website is, and their sole purpose is to give people legal advice to help them through various legal situations, like DUIs, contracts, etc, and even offer prepaid legal services, so they’re ready to go should you need a lawyer, or advice. Anyway, Lindsay is clearly taking some good shots at herself and all her various legal trouble over the years in the new video they produced:

By the way, do you ever read YouTube comments? Sometimes they’re a complete waste of time, but other times they’re a great source of entertainment. Here are a couple from the video:
-“Laur0sie” says “I endangered the lives of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians multiple times because I’m too irresponsible to arrange alternate transportation for a night of drinking, lol,” obviously providing a fake voiceover as Lindsay Lohan.
-“ytgadfly” says “Well having hired a spokesperson like Lohan is a clear sign these lawyers are not very intelligent. I’ll be sure to look elsewhere for legal representation.”


But seriously, it’s a funny marketing tactic and it’s clearly generating a lot of attention for the company, which is exactly what they wanted. Lindsay looks great in the video, and she obviously has a sense of humor about her situations. We’re glad she’s found more work too; that can be hard to do in Hollywood, especially while living in Dubai. Or England? Anyway, she does have work over there in Britain, she’s on a sitcom called “Sick Note,” and she’s also apparently designing an island Dubai. She owns several nightclubs throughout Europe as well. She’s keeping busy for sure. Oh, here’s some more info about what she’s working on over there. And if you want to read more about her deal with the people, check that story out here.

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