Life Hack – How Not To Silence A Smoke Alarm

A man was getting false alarms on his smoke detector, so he decided to silence it in the dumbest way possible.

By nowproducerdave on May 3, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

You’re in your home and the smoke alarm starts going off. How do you get it to stop? Well, you can clear the smoke if there is any (or an actual fire), you can pop the batteries out too. Side note – if there’s an actual fire you can’t contain, well, just leave the place. Do you know any other ways to stop an alarm? Some have a “silence” button on them. Others (and we don’t recommend this at all, because it’s dumb) will put a bag or plastic container over the alarm to keep it quiet. Well, that’s more for when people actually plan on making smoke. What causes a false alarm? Maybe a candle burned out, you know how they release a ton of smoke when they go out?

This guy lives in an apartment and apparently has a lot of problems with false alarms. Whether the smoke alarm is faulty, maybe his apartment is dusty, whatever the case, he deals with a lot of false alarms. He’s called the fire department about it to try and have them move the alarm. Unfortunately, the fire department apparently (allegedly) wouldn’t move the alarm, and the man was getting seriously fed up with false alarms. So he decided in infinite wisdom to take the smoke detector out – with his shotgun. Yes, the guy actually shot his smoke detector with a shotgun in his apartment.

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The bigger problem is that the wall that the shotgun shot hit is connected to another occupied apartment. When emergency crews arrived, naturally, they took the man’s shotgun. So what’s the guy do? Well, in another move of brilliance, he took out his handgun, pointed it at emergency crews, and demanded his shotgun be given back. The man was “disarmed,” and it was also reported that there were “no injuries.” Well, that’s good at least. See more details here.

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