Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Wants To Co-Parent In A Weird Way

In a strange turn of events, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife wants to co-parent the new baby – the baby being carried by Kevin’s current wife, Eniko.

By kmvq on November 8, 2017
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Desert Smash)

We’ve never heard of this, have you? Kevin Hart’s ex-wife wants to co-parent Kevin’s new baby. With his current wife.

Is that weird? Have we been living under a rock? Kevin is currently married to Eniko. The two are expecting a baby any day now. Kevin’s ex-wife Torrei wants to co-parent that baby with Kevin. Torrei says “I have baby fever, but I don’t want any more kids. I wanna be able to love on this baby just like they’re [Kevin & Eniko] loving on the baby. With co-parenting, you have to get it right so it’s not a weird thing. I just want peace.”

Kevin and Torrei divorced back in 2011. They had 2 kids together already. Isn’t it just strange that she wants to co-parent her ex-husband’s and his current wife’s new baby?

Like I said, maybe I’m just living in the dark and this is a thing, but it just sounds… Strange. Would you want to co-parent your new baby with your husband and your ex-boyfriend?


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