Justin Timberlake Offering New VIP Experience For Concerts

Justin Timberlake is offering a new sort of concert experience with his ‘Stage Bar’ VIP tickets, which get you right up in the action.

By nowproducerdave on January 9, 2018
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for THR)

Justin Timberlake is about to have a big and busy year. He’s finished up his new album, set to be released on February 2nd. He’s about to play the halftime show (again), and is going on tour immediately following that.

For his tour though, he’s offering a new sort of “VIP Experience.” It’s been done a couple times before, but this might be the event that starts a new trend. The experience will be “Stage Bar” tickets. Not just front-row tickets, but right there at the stage, like, with Justin and the dancers; all that. You won’t have to get up and dance around like the performers, but you’ll be sitting right up against the center stage portion. The package also comes with a drink ticket for the “Stage Bar,” as well as access to a private lounge area before the show. You’ll also get a photo print from that show (which obviously will be delivered at a later date), and a signed show poster. Justin will also be giving those VIP ticket holders a “special VIP gift.”

There are a few other VIP packages he’s offering for his shows too, like a “GA Party Pit” experience, a “Man of the Woods” Premium Ticket Bundle, and a “Man of the Woods” GA Floor Ticket Bundle. All of the aforementioned packages come with the poster, print, and access lanyards. Check out the specific details of each package here.

No word on ticket prices yet, but they’re expected to be “extremely limited-availability,” and the price will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday, January 10th).

That sounds like a really cool experience, to be right there at the stage, watching the show, in the action, plus all the unique swag you’ll be bringing home with you. Almost an interactive show, really.

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