Why Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife Finds Him Annoying

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney has a bone to pick with one annoying thing he does that makes her feel ‘inadequate.’

By nowproducerdave on March 2, 2018
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No, this isn’t a “relationship on the rocks” post, but she IS annoyed by something he does. That said, she appreciates what he does for the family, but hates having to pick up the slack. “He’s annoying in a highly productive, quietly creative, intensely aggravating way,” she says.

Pancakes. She’s annoyed because he makes creative pancakes.

She wrote an article published in the Washington Post detailing what it’s like to live with the Live star. She starts out by saying that he should be tired the next morning after planning and hosting his show, but he always wakes up with the sun, and always gets breakfast going for their kids. Now, that may sound like an amazing thing, and you’re probably saying to yourself “wow, I wish my husband woke up and started breakfast for the kids…”, but here’s where it starts to go a little south. See, one day, Jimmy decided to make pancakes.

At first, the pancakes started off pretty basic. You know, typical and round. But then, seemingly randomly, she says that Jimmy ordered squeeze bottles and coloring for the pancake batter, and all of a sudden started turning out “artwork.” Snoopy, clown faces, Dory the fish, a heart for Valentine’s Day, and even a “full-color Thomas the Tank Engine.” She says (lovingly sarcastically, we’re sure) that his art has become her burden, because when he’s travelling or can’t make the pancakes, their daughter looks up at her and requests a cartoon pancake.

Being a mother is hard enough. Pancake artist is NOT in the job description. I attempted a smiley face once. I don’t want to talk about it.

Have you ever tried pancake art? How did it turn out? You’ve got to read Molly McNearney’s (Jimmy’s wife) full story. Obviously it’s tongue in cheek, she doesn’t hate Jimmy because of the pancakes, but it makes for a pretty hilarious story. Check it out here.

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