Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Selling NYC Penthouse [PICS]

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are unloading one of their New York City penthouse apartments, but it’s not because they’re leaving the city.

By nowproducerdave on March 6, 2018
(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for GLSEN)

Actually, they’re selling ONE of their NYC penthouses. Towards the beginning of summer last year, the couple bought a new penthouse that came up for sale down the street (so-to-speak) from their current, now-listed place. They bought this apartment back in 2010 for the price of about $6.5 million, and have listed it this week for $8 million. We’re not sure if they did many upgrades, but after looking at the pictures here, we think they had a hand in the design process. It’s a very clean-lined, simple-but-elegant looking design, which very much (we think) is what the couple like.

Check out pictures of the penthouse they’re selling here.

Again, they upgraded last summer to a new penthouse, which they purchased for about $20 million. It’s a two-story, nearly twice as large expansive place with a huge patio that overlooks the city. Certainly a nice spot to be, and is actually in the same building as some other celebrities own places, like Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, and Harry Styles. I bet that’s a fun spot to be when they’re all there. The building was basically built for celebrities, since everything they’ll need is inside the building, including the underground parking area. Unless you’re a dedicated paparazzi, we don’t think anyone will just sit outside a random parking lot just waiting for a celeb to drive through to get a picture.

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Among Justin and Jessica’s other properties, well, they’ve got a couple spots. They primarily live in their 13,000 square-foot place in Los Angeles, and also own a nice vacation spot in Montana, as well as some empty property (127 acres worth) 30-miles outside of Nashville. Honestly, they’ve got a couple properties all around the country, it’s not like they have multiple homes in the same cities. At least not any more, once their smaller NYC penthouse sells for it’s asking price of $8 million. So they’re not leaving the city, they’re just unloading their old penthouse and calling their new one home when they’re visiting New York (which is probably often considering he’s on “Saturday Night Live” a LOT). See pictures of their new $20 million penthouse here.

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