It’s Actually Harder To Be Thin Nowadays Compared To The 70s

Even if you ate and exercised the same amount as someone from the 70s, you’d still weigh more nowadays. Here’s why…..

By kmvq on November 6, 2017
(Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientists have discovered something very irritating about the way we gain weight today compared to the people in the past…

According to Delish, if two people, one from the 70s and one from today, ate and exercised the exact same amount, the person from the 70s would actually be more slender than the other.


A number of factors that have changed over the years could be affecting our diets and body weight: overuse of antibiotics and pesticides, as well as pollution, has changed our hormonal processes; different lifestyle factors, from increased stress, greater exposure to light at night, and late-night eating, can cause weight gain; changes in gut bacteria from artificial sweeteners could negatively affect digestion; and more.

This all means that people today weigh 10% more than they did in the past……..

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