Hershey’s Is Releasing An Amazing Sounding New Chocolate Bar

Hershey’s surprised everyone by announcing the first new Hershey’s Bar in over 20 years the day after Halloween.

By kmvq on November 3, 2017
(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Their tactic is interesting. They actually announced the new bar, which is the first new “Hershey’s Bar” in over 20 years, the day after Halloween. It’s going to drop in stores on December 1st.

They’re calling it the Hershey’s “Gold” bar. It’s described as a “caramelized cream bar embedded with salty peanut and pretzel bits.” That sounds amazing, any time salt from peanuts and pretzels touches chocolate, we’re sold.

Apparently it’s a response to a new candy trend. Yes, I said candy trend. People have been wanting more textures in things recently, so the softer chocolate paired with the crunch from the pretzels and the sort-of crunch from the peanuts should give a good answer to the texture-cravers. Check out some more info here.

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