Harry Styles Is Making A ‘One Direction’ Sitcom Show

Harry Styles got the green-light to produce an American sitcom based on his early days in One Direction, and it actually sounds pretty good.

By nowproducerdave on May 17, 2018
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Yes it’s true, Harry Styles is working on a new sitcom. It’s set to air this fall, and will be on in America. It will be based on the story of Harry first joining the band. Harry Styles will produce the show, but won’t actually be starring in it. His character will be played by Felix Mallard (from “Neighbours”).

When Harry first joined One Direction, he moved in with a friend. Harry was looking at buying a house nearby where his friend lived. The house needed some work done to it, so while Harry was waiting for it to be finished he needed a place to stay. It was only supposed to be a few week ordeal, but ended up becoming about 20 months. Luckily, the guy that Harry moved in with was a friend of his, and was also in show business. He must have had a good idea of how the industry is and what “up and comers” have to go through. Hopefully it wasn’t a bad experience, but if it’s being turned into a sitcom, they must have a good relationship still.

The sitcom will be called “Happy Together,” and is set to debut on CBS this fall. Harry’s friend will be played by comedian Damon Wayans Jr. That character’s wife will be played by Amber Stevens West. The two are married, and the show will be based on Harry’s living arrangement. The two’s “lives are turned upside down when a young pop star moves in.” It sounds like it will be an interesting show, we’re curious to see how it goes. Nothing like moving in with a married couple and living in their attic, right? By the way, Harry is already the executive producer for James Corden’s “Late Late Show.” He has even hosted the show. He understands the comedy and show business world, we think. See some more info about the sitcom here.

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