Hand Sanitizer Can Cause A Car Fire

By Doug Lazy on May 21, 2020
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

The warm weather is coming to Sacramento and we’re all making sure to use plenty of hand sanitizer right now but the fire department is saying DO NOT LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR ON A HOT DAY! 

WKYT.com says that “the Western Lakes Fire District explains most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, making them flammable.” CLICK HERE to see a pic of a car fire that started by hand sanitizer left in a hot car.

The fire department said:

“Keeping it in your car during hot weather, exposing it to sun, and particularly being next to open flame while smoking in vehicles or grilling while enjoying this weekend can lead to disaster.” 

I’m taking my hand sanitizer out of my car right now because I didn’t even think about it being potential fire hazard! Be safe, Sacramento!

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