This Guy Made An Organ Out Of Furby Toys [VIDEO]

This man made an electronic organ out of old Furby toys, and it sounds just as terrifying as you’d expect it to sound. Watch the video here.

By nowproducerdave on February 12, 2018
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Props for the time this must have taken him though. But nah, we’re good, we won’t be attending that Furby organ concert.

Remember the old Furby toys from the late ’90s, right? If you didn’t have one, a friend did, or your kids did (or they still do, Furby made a comeback for a hot minute). The creepy furry things always made weird sounds, and we swear we saw one talk once after the batteries were removed. The blank stare, the random twitch, then a chaotic scream of whatever-the-heck it was saying. *shiver* As if one Furby wasn’t creepy enough, he’s got an entire choir.

Anyway, this guy took a bunch of them, 45 of them, and wired them into a custom piano/organ nightmare machine. The Furbies make a different scream for each note, and as he demonstrates, he has note-bending techniques and other typical synth-piano effects. It’s a great marvel of electronics, but a terrible, terrible idea. Anyway, check out the video here.

Nightmares for days.

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