Good: Hiring Tutors For Your Kids. Questionable: For Video Games

Parents are hiring private tutors and coaches for their kids, but it’s for video gaming, not school work.

By nowproducerdave on August 1, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

It used to be, when we were growing up, that school was supposed to come first. Truthfully, “gamers” weren’t really all that common, but now it seems that everyone is playing. When everyone plays, competition becomes a big factor, and the struggle to play better is real.

That’s why parents are now paying for tutors to teach their kids how to play better. SPecifically, it’s for the video game “Fortnite.” It’s a free-to-play game, and it’s got over 125 million users at the moment. One parent says that she paid for lessons for her son to play better, basically saying that her son wasn’t popular because he couldn’t play well. “There’s pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it… You can imagine what that was like for him at school,” Ally Hicks said. She bought 4 hours of lessons for her son, at somewhere between 10 and 20 bucks per hour.

Another father bought lessons for his son. Nick Mennen says that his son was struggling in the game. But now after having a private tutor teaching him how to play, “now he’ll throw down 10 to 20 wins,” says Nick. My mom bought me piano lessons once. She also bought me a bicycle. Do you see things like this happening more in the future? Maybe a sort of “life coach” tutor, if you will? Check out a little more info here.

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