Gal Gadot Confirms: Brett Ratner Not Working On Wonder Woman 2

Gal Gadot confirmed that Brett Ratner, one of the producers with sexual assault claims against him, will not be working on Wonder Woman 2.

By kmvq on November 16, 2017
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

As you know, like many executives, producers, and directors in Hollywood, there are a couple sexual harassment claims happening (understated). Brett Ratner is one of the more recent ones, and the evidence has been piling up against him over the past couple weeks. Well, Gal Gadot threatened to bail on Wonder Woman 2 if Brett Ratner was named to produce the film.

Her threat didn’t even have to be vocalized anyway, because by the time she started getting known for her statement, the production company already confirmed that Brett wasn’t working on the project. He was in line to produce the movie, but they managed to find someone else to work on it. This, of course, after Playboy Enterprises already out their movie about Hugh Hefner on hold following the claims against Brett.

Gal also clarified comments, saying “it’s not just me,” referring to threatening to leave if Brett was on the team. Even if none of the actors or crew stood up, Warner Bros. very likely would have found someone else anyway, given the claims against Brett, and the movie’s theme of women empowerment.

Hollywood is really putting the foot down, as actors, actresses, and even crews working on the movies aren’t taking any sort of abuse/harassment/attempts as “just a part of the industry” any more. Well done.


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