Forget ‘Elf On The Shelf’, Make Way For ‘Santa’s Lazy Gnome’

For parents tired of Elf on the Shelf, a new product has been made called Santa’s Lazy Gnome, which takes out the effort for parents of setting him up.

By NathanG on December 3, 2018
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

If the hassle of setting up the family Elf on the Shelf every day has you worn out, look no further than the new phenomenon: Santa’s Lazy Gnome.

According to Popsugar, this new holiday character was created by Julie DeForest. DeForest, reportedly had been burnt out on the Elf on the Shelf craze, and decided to make her own, low-key version.

Designed with parents in mind, Santa’s Lazy Gnome avoids the tradition of posing in new positions each night for children to discover the next morning. Instead, the little, bearded man comes with a book that explains that the gnome doesn’t have to be moved because he can see children from anywhere!

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With this new character, parents can assure their children that the gnome will always be watching to make sure they’re being good, no matter where he might be placed. Santa’s Lazy Gnome can watch over your household for $30.

Will you be picking up this new holiday guardian for your house?

To read more about Santa’s Lazy Gnome, click here.


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